Our Series runs from October - March each year, a total of 8 races. You do not need to be a member to compete in the series. But we hope you will become a member so you can also win Club Awards!

Cost to compete in the series is $35 per season. Please fill out a form and make payment at any of our races at the check-in desk.

You must run 5 of the 8 races in order to be eligible for Series Awards (saddles, buckles, and more!!).

Club members: we highly encourage you to nominate for the Series. It's a small fee and you will be eligible for both Series and Club Awards!




We'd love for you to join our club! Please email Paige at for more information.


-CLUB AWARDS: Eligible to win fantastic Club Awards at the end of the season (saddles, buckles, and more!!). You can also win Series Awards if you nominate to compete in the Series.

-RIDE NIGHTS: Ability to ride Wednesday nights, 6:30-9pm, at Canby Clackamas County Fairgrounds for barrel practice, Oct - March. Each Wednesday night EXCEPT the Wednesday after a race. (more info below)

-NO OFFICE FEES: Exempt from paying the $10 office fee at all CBRC races

-WORKER BEE AWARDS: Ability to receive Worker Bee Awards if you help at the races. Awards may include vests, jackets, halters, etc. Must work 5 of the 8 races to be eligible. You can win Super Worker Bee Awards if you attend meetings!

 -OFFICER/COMMITTEE AWARDS: Officers and special committee members receive special awards.



-NEW MEMBERS: Individual $95 for 1 rider/1 horse, +$30 for additional horse (adult, youth, or peewee). Family $130 (1 adult rider plus peewees or youth).

-RENEWING MEMBERS: Individual $80 for 1 horse, +$30 for additional horse (adult, youth, or peewee). Family $120 (1 adult rider plus peewees or youth).

-Please download Membership Form below for more info!


-CBRC meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7-8pm, April - July. 

-Meetings are not required, but we highly encourage you to attend to give input to club, learn how things are run, and hang out with your fellow club members! 

-Mark your calendars: 2017-18 Meetings:   9/19,  10/17,  11/21,  12/19,  1/16,  2/20,  3/20,  4/17                                                                        

-Meetings held at Los Dos Amigos, 102 N. Ivy St., Canby (Thriftway parking lot)


WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDE NIGHTS, 6:30-9PM at the Fairgrounds:

Ride nights are each Wednesday night October-March, EXCEPT there is no ride night the Wednesday AFTER a race.

Ride Nights are for active members only, you must have paid your membership before you come to a ride night, if you are wanting to join come to a meeting or contact

ARENA ETIQUETTE: Please make sure that you are using good arena etiquette.  Take turns, don't cut others off, make one run then get off of the pattern for next rider, yell heads up if you are going to make a run. If you have young children with you make sure they are on horses that they can control.  If you are making ruts around the barrels kick the dirt around for others, and do NOT hog the barrel pattern, please take turns.

Please clean up after your horses. Thank you!


Club members need to work at 5 out of 8 seasonal races helping with time-only's, gate, barrels, setup, clean up, office etc. Please do your part to keep our races efficient and fun for all!

Members are not required to attend meetings, but we encourage to come and provide input about the club and hang out with fellow club members!

Club members need to bring in a $100 of sponsorship money  in order to be eligible for club awards and worker bee awards.  Please download and print the Sponsorship Packet below to give to your sponsor or fill out for them.  You can also get brochures and sponsor packets at ride nights, races, or meetings. Email Kayla Sawyer,, with questions and to confirm what sponsorship type is still available (barrel wraps sell fast!).


Please download the following documents for more information about the club. 

Club Membership Form - Please fill out and bring to a club meeting, race, or ride night with payment. Email with any questions!

Club Rules - For current and future members to review. 

Jackpot Race Rules - For anyone participating in our races, members and non-members.

Sponsorship Packet - For members to give to their seasonal sponsors (due by January each year unless a race is cancelled or rescheduled).

OFFICERS   2017-18

President- Paige Prendergast,,

Vice President- Janis Dierickx

Treasurer- Clarissa Strader,

Secretary- Laurel Schmidgall,

Points- Kelly Wallis-

Website/Social- Kayla Sawyer,



Sponsorship - Kayla Sawyer,

Race Secretary - Niki Davila, 

Awards Committee - Tammy Jolma

Awards Committee - Marci Djoseland


When are the meetings held? The 3rd Tuesday of every month. Our meetings run from July to April. 

How many jackpots do I need to work to receive a year end award, and Worker Bee award? All members must work 5 of the 8 jackpots. Pee Wee's are exempt. 

I missed a few races, so I don't think I will be eligible for awards... Not necessarily. Figure out which races you have worked, because the double headers count as two races. So if you work both races of the double headers, it's possible you will still be eligible.  Please email a CBRC officer if you are unsure.

Is it too late to turn in member sponsorships? Each member must bring in a $100 Sponsorship by the January  race.  These sponsorships help pay for awards.  Pee Wees are exempt from this, but youth members must still provide a sponsorship.

Who do I turn my sponsorship form and money into? The current Club Sponsorship person (see contact info above). You can bring it to a meeting or a race. See Sponsorship Packet above for form and cost info.

I cant remember how many meetings I have attended this year, and how many jackpots I've worked... Always feel free to contact the current Club Secretary (see contact info above).  

Thanks! - CBRC