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DOUBLE HEADER: Time onlies are 8-9am. 2 minute limit per horse. Please arrive early, they fill up fast. Open arena is 9-9:15am. Race starts with PeeWees at 10am.

You must run in both AM and PM races to qualify for Sudden Death. Series Awards will be handed out at the end of the PM race. 



Please include rider's name, horse's registered name and which classes you want to run in for AM and PM.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


OCT. 7, 2017 - 11am Race Starts. 8:30-10am Time-onlies, 10-10:15am Open Arena.

NOV. 11, 2017 - 11am Race Starts. 8:30-10am Time-onlies, 10-10:15am Open Arena.

DEC. 2, 2017 - 11am Race Starts. 8:30-10am Time-onlies, 10-10:15am Open Arena.

JAN. 6, 2018 - 11am Race Starts - 'Never Won A Buckle' class added. 8:30-10am Time-onlies, 10-10:15am Open Arena.

FEB. 3, 2018 - Double Header, 10am Race Starts - roll or run AM/PM for points. 8-9am Time-onlies, 9-9:15am Open Arena.

MAR. 3, 2018 - Double Header / Sudden Death Finals, 10am Race Starts - must run both races. 8-9am Time-onlies, 9-9:15am Open Arena.



Email Pre-entries to on Wednesday AM - Thursday 8pm prior to the race.

Include the following in your email for Pre-Entries:

  • Rider's Name
  • Horse's Registered Name
  • Classes entering per horse: Open, Novice, Youth, Senior, In Between Class, (roll only, age 18-44), Futurity, or Derby and if you want to roll.

If you email your entry after 8pm on Thursday, you will not be in the first draw. We strongly urge people who are running more than one horse to pre-enter as this will allow enough space between your horses.

You may pre-enter even if you want to be in the late draw, just specify "late draw" on your entry email. You must pay your fees, or have someone pay for you, 30 minutes prior to Open race start time to avoid the $10 late fee (even if you're pre-entered and/or in the late draw).


PLEASE CLEAN UP after your horses in the parking lot and barns. We get charged a big fine if there is manure or hay left on the grounds.  Thank you!

LOCATION: All races (except if rescheduled) are located at Clackamas County Fairgrounds 694 NE 4th Ave. Canby, OR 97013.

STALLS: If you'd like to rent a stall, the cost is $25 and you need to email Paige at to arrange payment. Open to anyone.

CO-SANCTIONED: We are co-sanctioned with BRN4D and OBRA. When you pre-enter, or enter at the race, please let us know if you are a member of either of these organizations so you can get your points.

TIME-ONLY's: Pay cash at the gate, $5 for 1min time slot. First come, first serve basis. 8:30-10am at single headers, 8-9am at double headers (Feb/March).

EXHIBITION RUNS: Pay cash at the entry desk, sign up on the clip board, $5 for 1 run, announced and timed but not ranked.

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Please visit the BRN4D race schedule for race guide information.

Arena:                    Clackamas Co Fairgrounds, Ely Arena.   694 NE 4th Avenue, Canby, OR 97013

Producer:              CBRC

Prime Approval:    BRN4D 

Co-Sanction:        Cascade West, OBRA $3 additional fee for points

Race Time:          10am double header start time, single race start time 11am

Time Onlys:         $5 for 1 minute time slot, pay cash at gate. Single header 8:30am - 10am (Oct - Jan). 8:00am - 9am at double headers (Feb-March).

Open Arena:        Single header 8:30am - 10am (Oct - Jan). 8:00am - 9am at double headers (Feb-March).

Exhibition runs: pay cash at the entry desk, sign up on the clip board, $5 for 1 run, announced and timed but not ranked. After the last class of the race.

Signups:             You may Pre-Enter Wednesday and Thursday prior to each race at Pre-entries close Thursday evening by 8pm. Must be paid and entered 30 minutes prior to start of the OPEN race to avoid late fee, even if you are pre-entered and/or in the late draw.  Late entries will be taken until the end of the 2nd big rake (100), $10 late entry fee per horse. Pre draw will be posted Friday by noon. For non-members, $10 office fee per rider. Pee wees and members of CBRC are exempt from this. General questions email

Dress Code:        No

Option:                 1/2    

Open:                    $50 entry fee $500 added (BRN4D Double Points)

Senior:                 $25 entry fee No added

Youth:                   $25 entry fee No added

Novice:                 $25 entry fee No added

Pee Wee:              $5 entry fee No added

Futurity:               $20 entry fee No added

Derby:                    $20 entry fee No added